What is RememberSG2020?

    • This page is Singapore’s first internet landmark to remember the year 2020 – not for the bad that happened but for all the good that came out of it!

    • Anyone can be part of history – just select a spot you like, upload your image, caption, and link to a website/social page of your choice.

    • Whether it is to confess your love to your crush at school, to promote your business, or even just to say hi to your future children … you can be part of internet history for just $1 per pixel!

Why are you doing this?

    • 2020 is already hard enough for a lot of people already can. I think we could use more positive vibe.

What will you be using this money for?

    • I hope to raise enough money to bring Cookie (my dog) to travel the world when the dust settles. I’ll also donate a portion to give away masks to the public especially our frontline heroes – our workers, nurses, delivery people, and others.

How can I buy a pixel?

    • Go to “Buy Pixel”

    • Drag to select an available spot

    • Upload, caption, and link a URL

How much does it cost?

    • $1 per pixel. But 1 pixel is smaller than this comma, can’t really see la so the minimum size is 10 x 10 pixels.

How long do you plan to keep this page?

    • For 5 years minimum, then I’ll keep it up for as long as I am able to.

How did you came about this idea?

    • I didn’t! Another guy came up with the milliondollarhomepage idea. But figured, why not import this “foreign idea”.

Why I can’t buy the middle spot?

    • It’s reserved for a special occasion …